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Concrete Pump

Frequently Asked Questions

Shot Crete Noosa is proud to be a local, Sunshine Coast, family owned business.

What is Concrete Pumping?

Concrete pumping utilises machinery to transfer liquid concrete through pumping. The pump pushes its concrete out into the discharge pipes. Shot Crete Noosa focuses on small and large jobs for residential and domestic projects such as swimming pool spraying, as well as civil works / commercial buildings.

Shot Crete Noosa pumping projects include swimming pool concreting, laying concrete slabs, residential concrete pumping, driveways, floors, concrete pavements, footings, civil construction concrete pumping, commercial concrete pumping, slabs, stairs, subdivisions and walls.

Why Choose Concrete Pumping Over Other Methods?

Pumping concrete creates a constant flow of concrete to the desired area and the pipelines can be positioned wherever they are needed. This ensures that liquid concrete is easily and well distributed rather than having to distribute a mound of concrete over the desired area. Pumping concrete lowers labour costs and time.

Do I need a concrete pump if property access is difficult?

A concrete pump can cover long distances, navigate around obstacles, over uneven ground and through other buildings easily and quickly. If we can’t park our concrete mixer trucks close enough to simply pour the concrete straight into the required location, or if you have restricted access that would make wheelbarrowing your concrete unpractical, a concrete pump is the ideal solution.

What preparation is required to pump concrete?

We will require parking for both our concrete mixer and the truck mounted concrete pump. A pathway for the pump line should be prepared so our operator knows roughly where to set up the pipe. Door frames, garden walls, etc., that will have pipeline laid over them should be protected with dust sheets and padding.

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Shot Crete Noosa have the expertise and capacity to service a broad range of concrete projects. Our machinery and equipment meet all Australian standards and are fully insured. We are fully committed to health and safety in all our operations. We strictly follow all WorkSafe rules, guidelines and procedures.

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